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Radiography is used for diagnosis and treatment planning in the dental practice. Although dental radiography delivers a very small radiation dose, risk does exist, and dental teams have a duty of care and a legal obligation to protect the public, their staff and their patients from potential harm associated with exposure to radiation. This topic provides brief guidance to facilitate the safe use of ionising radiation by dental teams in accordance with legal requirements. It is not a substitute for appropriate training on the theory and practice of using ionising radiation in dental practice.

This topic makes reference to the second edition of the ‘Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-Ray Equipment’ co-published by Public Health England and the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK (FGDP[UK]) in 2020. These guidance notes provide a more detailed reference for the use of x-ray equipment in dental practice and are recommended by the UK Chief Dental Officers.

A checklist and templates are available for this topic