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The Scottish Government recently published Emergency Drugs and Equipment in Primary Dental Care 2024, an update of the 2015 National Dental Advisory Committee (NDAC) publication. The update includes clarifications and minor amendments to align with current versions of key sources, including the British National Formulary (BNF) and Resuscitation Council UK standards and guidelines. The PSM Medical Emergencies and Life Support topic has been reviewed and updated accordingly.

The updates, which are unlikely to require significant change to practice, include:

  • amendments to the list of medical emergencies to align with the BNF, including the addition of adrenal insufficiency;
  • clarification of the details of the equipment required, including the need for both adult and child bag-valve-masks, recommended needle sizes, and the listing of defibrillator pads;
  • the addition of optional equipment items for patient assessment and monitoring;
  • additional information about considerations for the risk assessment for domiciliary care.

A new template for recording the details and outcomes of the risk assessment for domiciliary care is now provided on the PSM website.